Our Founder

Hi there! My name is Ana, I’m the founder and owner of Goodie Bars. A little bit about me: I’ve been lactose and gluten intolerant ever since my early 20’s. These restricting food intolerances led me on quite the health journey where I constantly struggled to find options that suited my dietary restrictions and high food standards while running around trying to keep up with my busy life juggling school, work, family, relationships etc.

Suddenly, my passion became finding alternative ways to enjoy food and help others do the same. Flash forward to my mom's garage in 2021 mid-pandemic where I first started Goodie Bars (unknowing of what it would become). Blending the knowledge I gathered over the years and my genuine love for food, I realized quickly that I had found my purpose. Soon after starting up, my family and friends got involved to spread the word on Goodie Bars. It wasn't long after that that we realized that Goodie Bars not only facilitated the lives of people with restricting dietary needs but also filled the gap in the market where healthy snack options were (and to some degree still are) hard to find.  As we continue to grow, we hope to inspire and keep elevating our customers' health journeys, one square at a time. High quality foods for high vibrational lives. 
With love, 
Ana xox

All-day energy delivered to your door

Creamy Almond

$54.00 - $96.00

Creamy Peanut

$54.00 - $96.00

Split Pack

$54.00 - $96.00